Marmari, Kos, Dodecanese, 85300


Roseland’s is characterized by its ideally proportioned style and luxury devoid of excess or huge impersonal extences (109 rooms), thus offering a comfortable and harmonious stay.

Under a new ownership, a three-star accommodation providing all the amenities required, with its unique personality and philosophy, it successfully combines all the privileges of a family size hotel with the components and style of an even higher class tourist resort.

Situated in the area of Marmari of Kos island, on the sandy beach of the village “Pili”, it lies between the island’s capital and the airport, only 13 km from the first and 9 km from the latter , thus maintaining all the privileges of an easy-busy area set . Here, in its 16.000 m2, 600 m from the beach , it is like a nostalgic neighbourhood.


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Dionyssou, Marmari, Kos, 85300

+30 22420 41550, 22420 41650

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